Law of Attraction

Don’t get off the train! (how I use law of attraction)

Life as we think we know it

The Law of attraction is a simple force to play with, but somehow we stumble in this very simplicity. The main principles of Law of attraction became very evident to me again the other day. I will never grow tired of learning and discovering these truths. I will never grow tired of this game.

When you play with this force of nature, you will soon discover two truths: first, it will deliver you exactly what you ordered, so be careful how you formulate your words. Secondly, you will have to let go, and enjoy the journey while you trust fully that your order is taken seriously.

Take a ride on the magic train

Let’s say you are taking a train from Paris to Amsterdam. You bought the ticket, you step on the train and you trust that the train is going to take you to Amsterdam. Although 99% of the time when you look outside, it does not look like Amsterdam at all. Yet you know the train is moving forward and Amsterdam will come.

But you could also hesitate. How can you be truly sure the train really goes to Amsterdam? You look out the window, and all you see are French cities turning into fields, and soon there is nothing but Belgian villages. You start to doubt. You want confirmation. You stop at every station, get out, and realize you are STILL not in Amsterdam. Finally you conclude you must be on the wrong train. This is not working, you are no where near what looks like Amsterdam! You decide to get off the train and head back to Paris. On your way back you curse yourself and the world you are living in, and decide that Amsterdam must not even exist!

Sounds crazy?

Yet this is exactly what we do, every day. We want to go to Amsterdam, we step on the train, but we have no faith. And without this faith in the journey we will become lost in our attempt to control all of the details involved.

What’s your ‘Amsterdam?’

For me most recently it was plane tickets to my home country across the world. During the end of last year I was feeling sad, tired and missing ‘home’. I ordered plane tickets from the Universe, and I really allowed myself to let it go, trusting ‘the train’. My exact order was this: “Flights to my home country early 2016, please and thank you.

I didn’t think about it much since. I placed the order, and trusted it would happen. I felt light, it was fun, my life was not invested on it, I did not DESPERATELY need it to happen. Desperation makes us jump off the train faster than anything else, and run around trying all other trains because we NEED to get to Amsterdam ASAP.

While I was enjoying the ride, Universe was choo-chooing forward. For us passengers its hard to see what needs to happen in order for us to arrive safely. The tracks need to be switched, other trains need to pass so we don’t collide, all kinds of logistics will go into it. This is also something we need to trust. Sometimes the train is delayed for your own safety! Sometimes there are works on the tracks and if you’d push forward, you’d collide and injure yourself. So if the train stops for a while, know that it’s for a good cause. So no, it does not mean the train will start backing up all the way to your starting point!

And then, February 17th I received a call from a Tourism department telling me that my entry to a photo competition has won first price. A competition I long forgot, a photo competition that i just participated in with few hashtags, for the fun of it. Well, I won! And the price? You guessed it, 2 return flights to my home country!

Remember, we have talked about this before. Ask what you really want, not what you think will get you there!  I fell into the trap of asking for what I thought would get me home – flight tickets. I did not order to be going to my home country early 2016. I laugh at myself, and at the sense of humor of the Universe, and accept that I must wait for few more months before I can use the tickets.

Repeat after me: If you want to go home, ask to go home. Don’t ask for flight tickets.

Enjoy the ride

How are your train rides going? Are you frantically looking for validation of your destination, or are you sipping coffee, enjoying the beautiful scenery, getting to know some new people, relaxing and trusting the train to take you to the place printed on your ticket?

What ever you do, try to stay on the train! Trust it, sit back and fall a sleep if you must. Forget all about being in the train and enjoy the ride. The less you think about the journey, the less you check your watch, the faster it seems to go. It goes in a flash if you fall a sleep. Like me, I fell a sleep on my road to obtaining these flight tickets, since I forgot all about it.

And then, one day, when you least expect it, someone will shake you gently on your shoulder. Huh, what, you wake up.

“You have arrived” the Universe will say softly.

You look outside, and indeed. You have arrived.

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