A goal worthy of your soul

Goal worth your soul, Life as we think we know it

I’m a big advocate of ordering fun things and life events from the Universe, and watching how miracles come into existence. I play and manifest light and playful goals such as “please show me ladybugs” or “give me airfare to visit home, and then there are the more serious, ‘real-life’ goals and ambitions.

Recently I realized in one tearful but strikingly clear moment the difference between a goal, vision and the mission in life, and how these three are linked.

Setting the right goals to refoect your mission

Goal setting is basic stuff, right? You set a goal (in study, career, family, health etc…), you work hard to achieve it. For a moment you are happy about your achievements, and then you move on to set a new, bigger goal. Goals are moving, changing and shifting, they are transitory. 

The best goals should reflect your bigger mission in life. Because if they don’t, you will feel friction in the things you do.

For example, for many years I would set goals for myself based on my externally focused reward system. Get a high degree, obtain a fancy career, lose the eternal 5kg and while I achieved these goals, they did not particularly make me happy. I was proud of myself, sure, but there was no deep, inner fulfillment. In fact, often there was massive inner conflict because these goals didn’t reflect my overall mission in life.

The problem was that I didn’t own my mission. I hadn’t clarified it enough to myself. My grand vision in life was a bit of a blur, but it certainly had nothing to do with my corporate career or my fancy appartement.

If there is one thing I would like to shout from the rooftops today, it’s this: your passion and obsession is your mission!

Your obsession is your mission

I was listening Michael Beckwith talk about Discovering Your Purpose, and what he said went straight to my soul (and my tear ducts). It made so much sense to me, finally someone clearly articulated the feelings I felt.

Like I wrote in my last article, when we feel the pull towards something exciting and joyful in our lives, we feel our passion. Whether it’s art, caring for the elderly, taking care of animals or starting up a business, there is something in each and every one of us that makes us feel passionate. We gravitate towards it, always seem to find time for it, and it gives us great energy.

It is the Universe playing its music through us, life flowing through us, the infinite wisdom coming through, us being simply the beautiful, divine instruments in the orchestra. And it provides the most beautiful sound, if only we allow it to.

Serve the humanity with your passion

When we rebel against our passion, we stiffen and stay out of tune. We think we know better, we think our dreams are stupid, silly or unattainable, and we stay stuck. When we say ‘oh but it is selfish‘ or any other excuse, we are rebelling against the higher good for us, and the higher good of the humanity.

There is no better way to serve the humanity and to be the best version of yourself to your loved ones (and for yourself!) than allowing yourself to do the very thing that lights your soul on fire.

Dreaming is being selfless

If you are stuck in a place of dread, if your job is not exciting you or your general life-situation makes you feel passionless, how exactly are you suppose to be the best version of yourself to those around you, or to humanity in general? You are not. As they say, you cannot be poor enough to make someone feel rich, nor can you be unhappy enough to make someone else feel happy. You can elevate others only from a place of joy, happiness and abundance.

Years ago, when I was burning out and exhausted by my internal and external demands, I was perhaps the worst version of myself. I was always tired, cranky, I didn’t sleep well and I didn’t find time to eat well either. Let’s just say my nearest and dearest did not receive what they deserved from me during those times.

There is nothing beautiful in sacrifice when it comes from a place of resentment, or when it makes you feel like a victim of your circumstances. Many of us may want to take the “high road” and do the “honorable selfless act in life”, but this may be miles away from what we really would rather be doing.

Following your heart as a spiritual quest

So what is a goal that is worthy of your soul? Following your heart and saying YES to the big pull you feel is actually a beautiful, spiritual journey. It’s not always easy or convenient (far from it), but it does bring an avalanche of joy and fulfillment into your life. And when you are happy, so are those around you. When you feel joyous, you will make everyone around you feel that joy as well. We all deserve to hear that song within you!

Following your heart is a noble task you can learn to accept. It’s a promise you make to yourself, and to the Universe. It’s a leap of faith you take to celebrate life, to celebrate your unique gifts and the beauty of the infinitely abundant Life.

What is my purpose in becoming human?

To decide and to declare, to create and to express,
to experience and to fulfil, Who You Really Are.

To re-create yourself anew in every moment
in the grandest version of the greatest vision ever you had
about Who You Really Are.

That is your purpose in becoming human,
and that is the purpose of all of life.

-Conversations with God by Neale Walsch

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