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Where is your ladybug – How to play with Law of Attraction

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I often play with the Universe and the Law of Attraction, in fact it is one of my favorite things to do. Recently I requested to see a ladybug. I wanted Universe to show me a ladybug to confirm I was on the right path, and that the Universe got my back. And also because I wanted to see how Universe can deliver anything we desire (if we believe it to be possible).

I wanted a ladybug because I have never seen one here in the tropics. Nobody has ever seen one here. Honestly, I thought it was going to come in a form or a cartoon, painting or whatever else the mighty Universe would come up with. Because to get a live one, I did not think this would be possible, but who was I to judge.

Two weeks ago I thought I got it. All of a sudden in one of our favorite TV shows the characters were shouting “ladybug, ladybug“! I thought maybe that was my sign, but it did not feel … real or big enough. I wanted more. I wanted to be SURE.

Yesterday we went out to dinner with friends, and as I turned my glass around to pour some water in it, I noticed it. A LIVING TINY LADYBUG ON MY GLASS!! Not in any other glass in that restaurant, but on mine. Not the day before when we were suppose to go to that restaurant, but didn’t because I was feeling ill. It was there when I was there. Just long enough for me to see it and marvel it (and take 20 pictures), before it flew away.

I was floored by the Universe, once again. I say this over and over, I LOVE YOU UNIVERSE, and over and over again I am floored by what it does.

What about delivery time?

Later on when I was still jumping with excitement, I said to my partner “It was about time! I ordered it already a month ago! This delivery was later than usual!

To which my partner replied:

“Maybe it started flying from Europe the moment you asked for it. Maybe it has been travelling all this distance to get to you the soonest it could. And there you are, telling it was late. “


How often do we do this? How often do we stop believing because we do not see it yet? Just because we don’t see it yet, does not mean it’s not flying towards us with all its might. Battling oceans and winds, just to get to us.

Law of Attraction works just like this. If we start to lose faith, our “ladybug” will sense it and just turn back. Why bother to come to someone who does not believe? Because the Universe (or Law of Attraction) response to not what we think, but what we are and what energy we resonate. If we doubt, we get more doubt. If we are excited about knowing that the “ladybug” is soon going to appear, it will in fact appear. With God (= Universe), everything is possible.

And who am I to say how long things should take? I’m not the master planner. When we plant the seeds, we have to let go of attaching to the outcome. Trust that your prayer has been heard, and trust the timing of the Universe.

So what ever you are waiting for to appear, it is coming. It exists already, although you don’t see it yet. It is flying to you with all its power. Whether it’s abundance, health or your soulmate, don’t lose faith in its journey. Law of Attraction is working for you.

All is coming.

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