I am my own guru


During the past years I have been asking for some practical spiritual guidance. Actually, I was hoping this would come in the form of a person, someone who would be ahead of me in their spiritual journey, someone who could guide me and help me.

I thought once the student is ready, the teacher shall appear, right? And in my infinite wisdom I decided that I was ready. Now come on with the teacher, show up already! But as usual, Universe had other plans. Universe heard me, but delivered me the answer in its own way.

“Here, you have got to read this!” my partner told me in a bookstore while placing a little blue book into my hand.

It was the new, updated edition of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, a great story I had not yet read for some reason. It was a fast read, a fantastic read, and my companion during days off on the side of coffee and croissants. But most importantly, it answered my longing for a spiritual teacher in just a few sentences.

You need to keep finding yourself, a little more each day, that real, unlimited (you). She is your instructor. You need to understand her and to practice her.

This stopped me in my tracks and revealed a truth I have known all a long. The truth of me, the truth within me. The version of me that always knows, no matter how unpractical the truth may seem. The version of me that seems to be ahead of me in time, living on some other plane, on some other parallel universe, signaling me that everything will be quite all right. My soul, the one who is having this physical experience that seems to trip me up sometimes, knows all.

So I had to agree, once again, with the Universe. I stopped looking for a guru out there, and started to practice the guru within. There is still so much I do not know about her, so much I have to find.

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