Do you feel a push or pull?

Push or pull - Life as we think we know it

We are all hurrying to get somewhere. We are aiming, achieving, trying and running, whether it’s towards something or away from something we’d rather not face.

When we think about the things we do in our lives, there are many ways to test whether we’re on the right track. Lately I have been seeing and hearing signs about one way of determining this, namely the distinction of push or pull.

Unconditional love does not come from the person; it comes through them from the field and is therefore not draining upon their personal energy. If we feel drained, or like something is a lot of effort, it’s coming from our ego/mind construct and not the higher self.

-Michael Hetherington, “You Can Ask the Universe Anything”

Difference between a push and pull

When we are feeling pushed to do something, it feels like an obligation. It takes energy and effort to complete, and it takes a lot of time to recover from. In fact, no amount of time is long enough of a break from it. I’m sure you know the feeling when weekends are always too short and no matter how long your vacation and how far you travel, it’s never long enough or far enough. Push is something we do for other people, something we should do, something that may give us a reward, but that reward is external and ego driven (status, titles, you name it).

Instead, when we feel pulled to do something, we feel an inner drive to do something. The motivation is completely different. There is a burning desire within us, there is an obsession we cannot explain and a never-ending energy stream for our chosen field of love and interest. You cannot wait to get started, you are doing it for the sake of the doing, and enjoying it because you feel joy and lightness. You are expressing your truest self, your nature as you are. Only when we are being true to our selves, when we are in direct contact with our higher self, we feel clear, calm, alert and joyful. And we never run out of energy.

What we most love doing, loves us too

Isn’t this great news? What makes us happy, is the highest truth for us!

When Tony Robbins was asked how he can be energized for 12 hours a day, six days in a row during his events, he said it was easy because he was pulled to do it. Helping people is an obsession for him. When he was asked how he decides what to say or do in situations full of raw emotion, he said “it just comes through me.” A true testament of being one with your higher self. A vessel for the Universal powers that operate through us. We only need to let them.

You see, things get a whole lot easier when we are actually doing what we are called for to do. Yet we struggle, lay sideways on the tracks and protest because we think we know better (or, because we get scared). We want the ego stuff, the things considered desirable by the standards of the given society we happen to be born into. Sadly these are rarely the things that give us long lasting happiness, peace and joy.

Releasing the struggle of effort

When I look around, many of my pull’s have somehow turned into push’es and I haven’t learned to let them go in time. I have been hanging on for dear life onto things that were no longer making me happy, but instead took a ginormous effort to get done. But I didn’t want to let go, because I had been planning them and wanting (the idea of) them for a long time. I didn’t want to let go, because that would have meant defeat, admitting I had possibly made a huge mistake, a wrong turn, and the thought of that was devastating.

So instead I kept on pushing, while I was getting more and more exhausted, irritated and frankly intolerable in the end.

Time to reevaluate. I very well know the difference between the push and the pull, and I know you do, too. Push is heavy and sticky, and pull is exciting and joyful. Pull is something that has most likely been with us for some time now, something we keep brushing off because “it doesn’t pay the bills” or “it’s plain silly.

But the truth is, if we want to become truly successful at anything we do, there needs to be this pull -energy behind it. There has to be joy,  excitement and motivation from within.

Otherwise, what’s the point?

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