Law of Attraction

What would Dory do?

We went to see the movie Finding Dory yesterday, and I adore this little fish who does not make plans and just keeps swimming. And as a diver it’s fantastic to see the underwater life made into a cartoon, but that’s not the main point. The main point for me is Dory and she did not disappoint me this time either.

Because she really is on to something important.

What feels better right now?

At one point Dory was lost and confused, and she did not know what to do. She looked around and asked herself “what do I see?” She saw a lot of water on one side, and sea grass on the other. She decided that sea grass was better, so she swam there. In the sea grass she asked herself again, what do I see? There was a rock, and then there was sand. She liked sand, it was squishy, she liked squishy things, so she swam towards the sand. While she was swimming towards the sand, she saw a sea shell. “I love sea shells” she would tell herself, and she would start to follow the sea shells. Eventually leading her to where she wanted to be.

I could jump up and down in agreement of what Dory was doing, but then my popcorn would have been on the floor. This is exactly how you find back your mojo in life. You don’t need a plan, you don’t need to know all the steps until the very end, you just need to know what feels better. When looking around, what feels good and what does not. There are many directions we can take, and many things we can do, but one always feels better than the other. And it does not have to be logical and complicated, leave that up to Marlin. It just has to ignite this feeling of ‘This feels better‘ within you. Usually the easy and natural feels good, although we tend to think that easy and natural is down right lazy so let’s choose hard and complicated instead. No. Let’s not!

Law of Attraction works just like that, because essentially we should always feel good, happy and full of abundance. Even when stuck in an undesirable situation, we can turn our attention towards something that makes us feel a little bit better. Then based on that, again asking what do I like, what makes me feel better? Step by step, little by little we are following joy, and the better we feel, the better things we will see reflected in our lives. Even if it’s tiny, tiny things. “There’s a rock and there’s sand, I choose sand because it’s squishy and I like squishy.”

Follow the squishy things

My life will change again soon, I feel it and I want it, but I don’t know exactly how. I have done major changes before, but still it feels daunting and I feel insecure with all this fast nothingness around me. Should I go this way, or that way? What do I want?? So I decided to do what Dory would do. I look around me and check what feels better, what feels good? Writing, I love writing and it feels good to me at this moment. So I will write. I have no plan further than that, only wishes and glimpses of how life could be. I have no master plan in life, I have no clue what I will be doing in 1-2 years time, let alone in 10 years. Call me whimsical but at the end of the day I like it like this. It’s just life, and life happens.

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