Law of Attraction

Why your current reality is old news


Sometimes we lose faith in the Universe, we pick a fight and yell “Where’s my stuff, I need it now, I have been good, deliver it to me already!!” Because if we don’t see it / taste it / hear it, it clearly does not exist, right?


The juicy truth about the Law of Attraction is that we are not here to observe our reality, we are here to create our reality.

When we observe our reality, we trust our senses and make conclusions based on this. What we see or don’t see, what we can touch or not touch. And we think this is the reality, we think this is all there is. If we lose hope, we may conclude that this is all there will ever be. But as Abraham (via Esther Hicks) so cleverly puts it, the current reality is old news. What IS, is old news!

Co-creating a new reality

The reality we can observe with our senses is the result of our manifestations. It is the result of our vibrations and our askings. Hence, old news. So why focus on it? Why obsess about what we see or don’t see, why spend all of our energy and thought power on the current? Instead, we should leave the observable reality for what it is, and focus on what we want to see. Think and dream and feel what we would like to attract into our lives, this is why it’s called co-creation. We are co-creating our lives with the Universe, we are the creators, movers and shakers of our lives. But we can only co-create if we are not locked into the current reality.

How fast the Universe delivers what we are asking for depends largely on us. More specifically, it depends on the level of resistance we have towards the things we are asking for. In other words, how worthy do you think you are of the things you are asking for.

If you want to play with the Universe, it’s nice to start with something easy, something that is not your main issue in life, but something light and fun where you have no resisting thoughts towards, whether or not you believe you will get it or not. Like ladybugs! Ask for ladybugs! Play, focus on all things possible, and enjoy the flow of co-creation.

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