What happens when we surrender

I heard someone say how all of the best things in life were the ones that just happened. Things that were not planned, not scheduled or much thought about. The things that just appear on your path as if from nowhere, delightful little events that end up changing the course of your life. Those decisions you make because they feel good, and paths you take that lead to another and another, organically and effortlessly.

Does planning equal happiness?

It made me think about my own life, was it really so? I’m a fan of planning and confess to being somewhat of a control freak. So yes, I have achieved many things due to my planning, my excel sheets and colour-coordinated maps. Things like my education, the jobs that I have had, the general trajectory of my life, this physical, operational existence. But are these the events and things that have given me the most happiness in life? --> Read more

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Touch my heart so I know I am living

Sometimes, in the strangest places, we get to feel something unexpected. Life, love, connection, the Universe. Something takes us far and out, or deep within.

Sometimes this is all we are looking for. All the searching and traveling, maybe this is all we ever wanted from life. This feeling of being alive, feeling an inexplicable connection to another being, or rather, through another a connection to the entire universe.

A few days ago I was sitting in a bus, somewhere in the middle of the Philippines. The bus had stopped for a small break in a village, and while I was waiting for the bus to move again, my eyes heavy and tired, something caught my ears, and my heart. At the front of the bus stood a small blind boy singing. He had a red cassette player held tightly to his chest, and the more I tuned into his song over the background noise of the station, the more he captivated me. This boy was maybe ten years old, and whereas I usually don’t interact with the many begging children we see during our travels (I wish they would go to school, I’m not going to fund them singing & dancing in bus stations), there was something different about this one.

He made me cry. His song and his voice moved me to tears. He took me above the rice fields, away from the bus, away from the physical and  into something pure and spiritual. His song was honest, his voice was innocent and I wondered what came over me. But it did not matter, I let it come.

My partner had a surprised look on his face when I frantically searched for coins to give this boy when he passed us. I don’t know if I wanted to give him my coins, more than that I wanted to touch his hand, to thank him for being alive just then and there with me.

This is essentially it, life. Behind all our walls and possessions, beyond the travels and our goals, there is simply a search for connection. A search for someone, some thing to touch our heart so that we remember. We are alive.

We are living.