Highly Sensitive Person with an adventurous side?

Do you identify as being a Highly Sensitive Person, but at the same time you enjoy experiencing different sensations and adventures as well? You can be both!

Last year, I made some important discoveries about myself as an introvert and an INFJ personality type. Although I tried to take my introversion into account when planning my days, something was off. I had grown more and more exhausted and deflated, and I felt like I was overwhelmed and bored at the same time — at times all in the same day. In fact, I honestly thought I was going crazy.

When I started feeling depressed about my daily existence, I knew it was time to dig deeper. There must have been something I had overlooked, some explanation to my inexplicable emotional roller-coaster. I had grown so tired of not fully understanding myself, tired of always ending up in a “wrong place,’” and burning myself out while doing things that were supposed to be fun.

Only when I learned more about being a Highly Sensitive Person with a trait of Sensation Seeker, things within started to make sense to me more…

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